Monday, May 17, 2010

Nick Saban would not be pleased.

While at the gym recently, I noticed a well-designed, glossy flyer for Nick Saban’s upcoming football camps. The front page carried a large visual of the coach himself and a listing of all former Alabama players who are on current NFL rosters.

With one problem (noticeable to anyone who can read).

The word “Chiefs”—as in Kansas City Chiefs—was misspelled as “Cheifs.” To compound this, there are three Crimson Tide players on that team. There were also numerous errors with spacing between words and characters.

I know correct spelling may not win anyone a job in this life. But incorrect spelling may cost you a job. It’s the reason God created copyeditors.

Because when you fail to proof a flyer about his football camp, Nick Saban is not pleased.

Monday, May 10, 2010

srsly = Seriously

When it comes to shortened words used for e-communications, vanity plates, what have you, we lean strongly (strngly) toward consonants. I've noticed that often enough to wonder what some words would look like if we used vowels instead.

Take the title of this post. Seriously would become something like "eiouy". Hard to figure out, hard to pronounce. Thanks--commonly reduced to thx--would be simply "a". Our language leaves no choice but to use consonants.