Sunday, September 27, 2009


I’m a word guy. Fascinated by the usage of words in advertising, prose, speeches, screenplays, you name it. And as a creative, my greatest tendency is to seek self-satisfaction and third-party applause for my work. Because any artist’s most demanding need is typically appreciation and/or adoration from the audience.

Which is quite infantile—and appears to spring solely from ego.

Contrast that with the product of most successful blogs in any field: information of use to the reader. So you’ve got two nearly diametrically opposed objectives—self expression (an ego-driven desire to leave one’s mark upon the world) versus putting the reader first.

Am I overthinking this? Likely, yes. But here is my pledge. I’ll work to provide helpful information and comments about the power of words and link to those communications skills I admire. My goals are two-fold: to educate myself and others and to gain readers.

So there. A bit of altruism mixed with a yen for personal achievement. Just being honest. And away we go...

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